Yippee! Welcome to the FREE Family Creativity Branch of the Leaping Literacy Online Library!

Welcome to the Imagination, Connection & Co-Creation Celebration of Leaping Literacy's Family Creativity! Thank you for visiting our quiet, commercial free, creative cyberspace of creative expressions where we invite you to keep your head & heart in the clouds!

We are a quiet, safe, creative cyberspace for sharing with our kids ~ a place where kids can share!

We are the large refrigerator door where you can hang your children's art & other expressions!

LoveYou are parents or grandparents who are committed to staying connected to your children and fostering their literacy.

LoveYou are teachers, librarians, educators serving children/families who would be served by this innovative opportunity.
LoveYou believe in the power of creativity and in empowering your children to express themselves in all their originality.
LoveYou are concerned about the power of the internet and want to help your children become savvy in a safe haven.
LoveYou know as we do, a cornerstone of literacy is modeling; we read to our children before they can read & our children see us reading ~ just as they see us engaged online. Perhaps you have noticed the trends of internet communications and think, as we do, there are greater, deeper ways of expression and intergenerational sharing available to us!

Creative Family Literacy ... what can that be? That depends on you & our families!
We offer opportunities to experience, explore & express:

Reading, Writing & Creativity
 Media & Computer Literacy
Heart & Spirit Literacy
Global Literacy

In this cyberspace Leaping Literacy Librarary branch of Family Creativity, you can:

 Empower & educate your children to cyber connect in positive ways to celebrate, communicate & co-create!

 Allow your children to experience online sharing in a safe environment centered on their creations & expressions.

 Cyber connect with family who live far away or in the same house!

 Connect with other families around the globe or down the street.

 Be pen pals with that special family member in another state or with a new friend in another country ~ or both!
EnJOY  art, songs, eBook sharings & more created by YOU ~ our member families!


Set your levels of privacy; choose what you share with just each other or with other Creative Families here.

List your creations in our StorE Store and keep 100% of your sales.

Read more & explore our Leaping Literacy Notes & Registration pages!

So many ways to be in super cyber family literacy! Yes, indeed, YIPPEE!

 ~ You can also visit the Leaping Literacy Library here ~

Yippee for Family Creativity!

Love Notes!

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